November 8, 2007



Coffeeburger No Longer Coffeburger, Tennisburger Still Tennisburger

August 28, 2007

     Can you start a side project after 1 day?  I really only started coffeeburger so’s I could start a side project.  They’re much cooler.  So it’s been one day and I think I’m ready to move on.  You (presuming there are one of “you” out there) can now find me at

     From time to time I will revisit my glory day here at coffeeburger, reading my one post, perusing the one comment left by my flat-chested girlfriend, asking me what  bambinos are.  But after giving birth to a child you must at some point move on.  For me that day is day one.  I like to think of tennisburger as a fetus or blog fetus so it shall have no worries of me leaving her in the cold dead of the night.  So rest assured I will stand by ala Mr. Mom and feed, nurture and love my slippery blog fetus.  Wish me luck!  And for all (or no) information on the U.S. open visit my soggy yet glistening bletus at

The U.S. Open is Open for Big Business

August 28, 2007

     Isner upset 26th ranked Eminem Nieminen by slithering around Nieminen’s throat, continually adding pressure leaving Nieminen no choice but to tap out.  Suprisingly (or not surprising at all) all but one set of the four set match went to tie-break.  When asked if Isner would ever be able to break an opponent Isner replied, “What’s a break?”.  He then pet the top of a giraffe’s head who happened to saunter by. 

     Andreev of that country we all know and love made it past Kendrick of that country we all know and distrust without smashing a single racquet into the ground and screaming “Perhot’ Padzalupnaya!”  Kendrick was later quoted as saying, “I had no idea I was even in the U.S. Open!”.

     Federer won.

     After losing the first set (in an Isner-break) Donald Young took Guccione outback and gave him the ol’ in out in out.  Once this kid learns how to tie his shoes and wear a hat (those crrrrazzzy kids!, I tell ya!) I’ll start to really like him. 

     On the women’s side Andy Murray won in straight sets without crying.

     No big surprises on the women’s side.  Serena started ripping off her clothes, well, just the bow above her chocolate bambinos, but we we’re all praying.

     Tomorrow’s big match will be Djokovic(by the way, what was involved?) v. Corky in what should prove to not be a big match at all.